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Some celebrities create a scandal when they go straight from long locks to very short haircuts, and Keira Knightly elicited some gasps when she switched to a dramatic, but quite feminine, pixie look. Maybe you've already made the transition from long to medium or short and are already looking at very short haircuts for a change of pace or a as a way to deal with summer heat and humidity.

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It is a good idea to look before your leap, since very short haircuts take a considerable amount of time to correct if they are considered a bit too much. Nonetheless, most people who opt for very short haircuts are quite happy with them, since most of them require very low maintenance and can be quite stylish.

Very short haircuts are certainly popular on the runway and in Hollywood. A common look for very short haircuts is a wavy look that can look shaggy or feminine, depending on the way it is styled. Few very short hairctus are all one length, but some people can create some striking mini-bobs with blunt, very short haircuts.

Many very short haircuts are compatible with a shaggy look. To create this style:

  • work with hair that has been shampooed and conditioned the day before. Hair that is too soft will not create the shaggy look you want. For this reason, make sure that you do not overcondition your hair.
  • Mousse is your best friend for a shaggy look, so work it into wet hair in generous palm fulls before blowing your hair dry. You can also work mousse into dry hair
  • Using your fingers, coax your hair into the style you want, blow dry (if your hair is already dry, use the blowdryer for style) and spray your hair well.

Many people with layered, very short haircuts add highlights to their hair. These highlights look more dramatic on very short hair, so be warned before you start bleaching. It is best to have a professional create these highlights, and let him or her know whether your want a subtle or a dramatic effect.

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Keira Knightley's "pixie look" is a good choice for those who prefer softer, more feminine looking very short hairstyles. This look is created by forming the hair into a wedge in the back and leaving more hair on the top. The forehead is covered with soft bangs that emphasize the eyes. The pixie look is a good choice for those with an oval face, and is a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires a bit of mousse, a curling iron for the bangs, if you wish and a good hair spray. Make sure that the hair is well conditioned to maintain a soft look.

Very short hairstyles can be elegant as well as convenient for formal occasions. Dramatic, shiny effects can be created with a high-quality sculpting gel and a spray that will bring out the sheen in the hair. After washing your hair, use a sculpting gel and style your hair with your fingers. You may want to bring some of your hair to the sides of your face and to create a "feathered" look which can be held with gel.

Blow dry your hair on a low setting, taking care not to ruin the style you created and finish the style with a hairspray that brings out the shine. You can also find shampoos and conditioners that are designed for maximum shine.

Although many people love their very short haircuts and find them a convenient way to manage their style on ordinary days, they may prefer a longer, more classical look for special occasions, such as weddings. It isn't difficult to purchase a hairpiece that matches your hair exactly and can be fitted to the back of your hair to create an elegant ponytaill, chignon, or ringlets.

You will want to consult with a stylist about getting the exact match, but a hairpiece can give you great style flexibility if you prefer very short haircuts most of the time, and a little bit of length for those special events.

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