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Tree Braids

Many people like bold braids that they can show off, but tree braids are different from your ordinary braids. Tree braids are nearly invisible and are intended to hold hair extensions naturally and sturdily. Those who have short hair and decide that they want a longer look, or have hair that does not grow easily might opt for tree braids as a way of fastening their hair extensions.

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Tree braids are so-called, because the end of the braid that separates the end of the natural hair and the extension looks a bit like a tree trunk, but this section is invisible. Tree braids need some maintenance and some retouching, but are much easier on the hair and the scalp than glues and chemicals that are often used to keep hair extensions in place. Tree braids need to be put in place by a skilled professional, and there are many salons that specialize in doing special hair procedures such as tree braids.

You might be wondering whether or not you really need tree braids. Perhaps you are happy with your super-short look, or maybe you want a hair extension. Using glue and other materials to fasten a hair extension in place can be quite effective, however, glue and chemicals are not very healthy for the hair and scalp and can be quite irritating.

Although a weave requires a replacement from time to time, and a visit to the salon, it is easier on the hair and looks quite natural. No one will be able to tell that you have tree braids, and your hair extension will be set in place naturally.

Before getting tree braids, your hair stylist will look at your hair and scalp and see how sturdy your hair is. Fine hair is more of a challenge, but tree braids can be put into any kind of hair. He will ensure that your hair extension will match your hair color and type exactly. Even curly extensions can be easily managed by a hair stylist with the right experience.

Tree braids may take some time to put in, and some patience, but once the braid incorporates the hair extension with your natural hair, you can wash and dry your hair as you normally do, and go for new tree braids every once in a while. Tree braids have an advantage over hair weaves, in that they tend to have a stronger hold and cannot be seen by most people.

Caring for your tree braids is similar to caring for your own hair. It is alright to run a brush lightly over your hair, but make sure that you don't pull the braids unnecessarily. These braids are tight like cornrows, but they can still come out if there is a lot of pressure placed on them, so handle them with care.

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If your tree braids do come undone, and if you are at a special function, try putting the hair extension back in place with pins or elastic. Although tree braids that are made by a reliable stylists should hold well, it is a good idea to keep bobby pins and elastic bands the same color as your hair in your purse with you so you can re-attach the hair extension when the need arises. Hopefully, your tree braids will be sufficiently strong to rule out this possibility.

If you are unsure whether or not tree braids are good for you, try other methods, such as glue and weaves, before tree braids. However, there are many advantages to tree braids over other ways of attaching hair extension, and even though they need to be braided again occasionally, tree braids are still a sturdy hair-holding technique that will not damage your hair.

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