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Many people with long hair desire a change once in awhile, and might experiment with short hairstyles. Some short female haircuts may have an "all-sheared off" look and can be cropped close to the head, whereas other short female haircuts leave a bit of hair on the end for messy bun or a chignon.

Short female haircuts can be elegant or funky, curly or straight, and short hairstyles provide at least as much flexibility as long hairstyles.

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Many of those who switch from long hairstyles to short female haircuts cite added convenience and lower maintenance as reasons for the change. Although long hair can always be swept into a bun, a ponytail or a French Twist, the care involved in maintaining long tresses requires a lot of time and effort. Short hairstyles are also great for warmer, more humid climates.

Short female haircuts, even if they are very short, can still be feminine. Curly hair can look quite sweet in short hairstyles. You can create a nest of tight ringlets if you:

  • Shampoo and condition your hair with solutions that will give your hair extra volume
  • Work mousse through your wet hair to bring out the curl
  • Use wacky curlers in your hair if it is not naturally curly and let your hair dry for at least half an hour. Or, if you prefer, use a narrow-barrelled curling iron, working with one inch sections of your hair
  • Use a pick to style your curls rather than a regular brush if you want an extra curly look.
  • Spray your hair. For a "cute" look, decorate your hair with bows and other hair accessories.

Short female haircuts may be all one length or layered. A layered look adds volume and more extreme layers can create a stylish "shaggy" look with the help of mousse, a blowdryer and your fingers. Simply work the mousse or gel through your wet or dry hair and coax the hair into the style you want. Hold with hairspray.

The bob is a classic choice and was among the first short female haircuts. Although bobs caused a scandal in the 20s, it is a perennial favorite today, and has taken many forms and variations.

The first bobs were blunt cuts which made the entire length of the hair a bit longer than the ears. Most early bobs were curled and the sides were pulled back with bobby pins ("bobby pins" derive their name from the famous hairdo). Today's bob can be layered or all one length, with or without bangs. To style your bob:

  • Leave your bob completely straight for a blunt look. Use a good gel and comb your hair straight as you blow dry
  • For a page boy bob, try curling the ends under, as well as the bangs, with a large-barrelled curling iron
  • You can create a mostly straight bob with a flip in or flip out at the end by wrapping the ends around a flat iron and "flipping it" in the desired direction
  • Try using wacky curlers or a narrow barrelled curling iron for a "kinky bob".

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Short female hairstyles can mimic long hairstyles. It is possible to create mini-buns or little chignons, provided that you have just enough hair to bring back into a ponytail. Shorter hair can be more of a challenge to work with, but the "messy" look is quite fashionable, and you curl or straighten tendrils that don't fit into the sides or into the chignon. Use pins that match your own hair and don't worry about the strands that hang out, as long as the "messy" look is intentional!

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