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We've all seen sedu hairstyles on magazine covers and on academy award shows. These super-straight dos are a favorite of celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton. It seems that all female celebrities, at one time or another, sport their unique sedu hairstyles, whether their hair is short, long or middle length. Sedu hairstyles are not just for the rich and famous, or even for people who go to salons frequently, but can be done at home with a sedu iron and some basic techniques.

The most important thing you will need to make great sedu hairstyles is a sedu iron. While some tout the advantages of using chemical straighteners on hair, this procedure is best performed at a salon and can involve the use of strong chemicals that may damage the hair. You will need to take a strand test to see if chemical straightening is for your hair or not. However, many people (including the celebrities) prefer to use a sedu iron because the results are less permanent; you could be walking around with wild ringlets one day and a sedu style the next. If you are not happy with the results, all you need is a good wash and rinse to undo the effect.

Finding the right sedu iron is the most crucial first step to creating great sedu hairstyles. A sedu iron is like a curling iron in reverse; usually, it is intended to straighten the hair rather than curl it, but it is possible to create curls and flips around the barrel of the sedu iron. A sedu iron has to flat plates used to press the hair straight with heat. The best sedu irons have ceramic plates which minimize the damage done to the hair, unlike metal plates, which tend to cause frizzing with constant use. It is a good idea to invest in the best quality sedu iron you can afford; a good sedu iron will run about $130 and can be used for countless sedu hairstyles without damaging the hair strands. Your sedu iron should be lightweight for easy transport and comfortable to handle.

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For most sedu hairstyles, using your sedu iron will take about 10 minutes, but if you wash and condition your hair first, it will take longer. More elaborate styles will require more time. First, clean your hair with a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type. Follow with a conditioner that will protect your hair from the heat and prevent it from getting curly. Dry your hair with a blow dryer, combing it through with a straight brush to encourage it to go straight even before you use your sedu iron.

Once your hair is dry, you are ready to create your sedu hairstyle. Take 1" sections of your hair press the section between the two plates. Run the sedu iron down the length of the section, smoothing out all curls and waves. If you want a completely straight look, run the straightener down through the hair. You can form curls by wrapping a hair section around the barrel of the straightener, which will form gentle curls with the heat. If your sedu hairstyle requires a "flip in" look, wrap the section of hair towards your face, and do the opposite if you want your hair to flip outward.

Sedu hairstyles work well with all kinds of hair, long or short. If your hair is naturally curly, it might take more heat and patience to straighten it, but the best sedu irons can cope with almost any hair type. Research your favorite sedu hairstyles in magazines, and experiment with recreating the sedu look at home.

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