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So, you've grown out your hair and now you are looking for long hairstyles for the look you have invested so much time into creating. Long hair is very versatile, and there are many long hairstyles to choose from. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, straight or curly, long hairstyles are designed for every mood or occasion.

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You can transcend the ordinary when you put your hair into a pony, bun or French Twist by creating a "messy bun" an elegant pony or a French Twist with curls at the top. Whether you like your hair super-straight or full of ringlets, you need not feel stuck in your natural hair type, but with the right tools and some imagination, you can create a "wardrobe" of long hairstyles to fit your mood and style

A big issue for those with long hairstyles is the decision to have bangs or to go "bangless." Those who love a perfectly "swept back" look may prefer not to have bangs, since once you have them, you can't really get rid of them. However, bangs create a
"sweet", soft look that emphasizes the eyes.

Basically, adding bangs is like adding spices; you can add them but you can't remove them, so if you are unsure, it is better to grow your long hair without bangs and add them later, if you prefer. If you do opt for bangs for your long hairstyle, you can curl them under with a curling iron, or straighten them with a flat iron. You can choose thick bangs, or make them wispy.

  • Basic long hairstyles can be created with just a blow dryer and a little mousse or gel.
  • Shampoo and condition hair
  • Work mousse or gel into your hair, teasing it into the direction or style you want
  • Blow dry your hair using a large-barreled round hairbrush (for loose curls and waves ) or a paddle brush (for straight styles).
  • Brush and style your hair. Finish with a hair spray.

If you like super-straight sedu styles made popular by celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, you have a head start if you have naturally straight hair. However, those with curly locks needs not despair of having a great sedu style; it is easy to find a good quality flat iron that can give you straight locks.

The best kind of flat iron to use has ceramic plates that minimize hair damage. Some prefer to make the drastic move of having hair straightened, but this requires a trip to a salon and a treatment that will take a long time to wear off. Most prefer the flexibility of using a flat or a curling iron to make their hair curly or straight.

When you use a flat iron to create straight long hairstyles, you may want to smooth in some mousse first to help your hair hold the style. It is also a good idea to prepare your hair with a good conditioner, since well-conditioned hair falls straight with more ease.

Divide your hair into 1" wide sections and smooth the flat iron downward. If you want perfectly straight hair, smooth it down to the ends, or if you want a slight flip, you can flip your hair out or in at the ends by twisting strands around the flat iron. You can also create gentle curls and waves with your flat iron.

Curly long hairstyles can be created with curling irons or curlers. For larger, looser curls, choose a wide-barreled curler or curling iron. Create curls in 1" wide sections. For more dramatic curls, avoid brushing them to much, and for more loose curls, use a wide, round brush.

Many long hairstyles involve putting the tresses up in ponytails, buns, French Twists, chignons and formal "updos". Almost anyone can create a basic ponytail, but there are so many varieties to choose from. Experiment with putting the pony high or low on the nape of the neck for an elegant pony. You may want the sides to be smooth, or tease out tendrils.

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Create a variation on the classic French Twist by using a narrow barreled curling iron on a section of the pony at the top of the twist, pinning the curls, and creating a decorative top. Buns are elegant and neat, or you can create a "messy bun" by curling a pony tail and partially pinning it to the back of the head. A chignon can be formed by curling the ponytail in a loop around a plastic band and pining it to the nape of the neck or leaving it loose.

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