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How to Create Sedu Hairstyles

We've all seen super-straight hairstyles that are popular with celebrities these days, and many people wonder how to create sedu hairstyles. While movie stars have professional stylists, most of us do not have that luxury, but it is not hard to learn how to create sedu hairstyles. All you need is a good sedu iron and some imagination, since sedu hairstyles fit every hair type, short, long or medium length.

Many people feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to create sedu hairstyles, because they feel that their hair is much too wavy or curly to accommodate straight styles. A sedu hair straightener can straighten even the most unruly hair, and sedu hairstyles can be created by almost anyone.

The first requirement for creating sedu hairstyles in straight hair. Jennifer Anniston, for example, has naturally straight hair, but you can create the straight look by using one of two methods:

Chemically Straightening Hair

This method will certainly straighten your hair, but some feel that the result is too drastic and most of the time, this procedure cannot be done at home. However, for those determined to have completely straight hair, it might be worth a trip to the salon. First, your hair will be given a strand treatment to see how it will stand up to the chemicals. A protective cream is added and then the chemicals are applied. After some time, the chemicals are washed out and the scalp is conditioned with a relaxer.

Using a Sedu Straightener

This is the method of choice for creating most sedu hairstyles, since it allows one to have messy curls one day and a perfectly straight sedu style the next. A sedu straightener is gentler on the hair than chemical straightening methods, and the best sedu straighteners have ceramic plates that limit the damage to the hair.

Using a sedu straightener requires only a few minutes. After washing and drying the hair, one inch sections are placed between the plates of the sedu straightener. The hair can be made completely straight or slight curls and waves can be formed by rolling the hair around the barrel of the sedu straightener.

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There are many great and easy Sedu hairstyles that can be created at home. It is not difficult to master the method of creating sedu hairstyles.

Sleek Flip

This style is a classic straight look with a slight flip at the ends. You can decide to flip the hair outward or inward, depending on the look you want to create. First, put some mousse through your hair after washing, conditioning and drying it. The mousse will help you hair hold the style. Use the sedu straightener to straigthen your hair, but when you reach the ends, wrap them around the barrel either outward or inward. If you want a small flip, wrap the ends slightly.

Elegant Pony

After washing, conditioning and drying hair, part your hair down the center and straighten the sides with your sedu hair straightener. Using a brush, form a ponytail at the back of the head and check that the sides are smooth. Pick out some hair to form tendrils around the face. You can keep these tendrils straight or form subtle curls and waves with your sedu straightener.

Messy Twist

This is a popular look for women on the go, and is also very stylish. After you wash your hair, apply some mousse and dry it completely. Straighten the hair with a sedu iron. Twist back part of the hair and hold it in place with pins. Now, pull the side sections back as well and make a mini-twist. Hold the two twists together with pins to form one large twist.

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