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Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

If you look on the cover of the latest magazines, it becomes abundantly clear that celebrity sedu hairstyles abound. Almost every starlet has her unique celebrity sedu hairstyle, from Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez' chin and shoulder length sedu hairstyles to Paris Hilton's Sedu Bobs. One might conclude that celebrity sedu hairstyles requires spending a fortune or perfectly straight hair.

Although Jennifer Anniston can certainly afford to go to the best salon, her naturally straight hair is ideal for sedu hairstyles, however, you needn't have piles of cash or straight locks to create great celebrity sedu hairstyles. All you need is a sedu iron and some imagination (and if you are sure of the look you want, a copy of a celebrity picture).

Some people who are keen on copying the latest celebrity sedu hairstyles choose to have their hair chemically straightened. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this. First of all, chemicals are messy and are best applied at a salon. Secondly, chemically straightening hair does not allow one the flexibility the celebrities have of creating a straight, sedu style one day and sporting a mess of curls the next.

It is a better idea to create celebrity sedu hairstyles with a straightener at first, and, if you are sure that you want a more permanent straight look, to have your hair chemically straightened, if you wish.

The advantage of a using a straightener to create celebrity sedu hairstyles is that it does not cause as much damage to the hair as chemical straightening.

If you invest in the best sedu straighteners with ceramic plates, any damage to the hair is virtually eliminated. Your sedu straightener should be light, portable and easy to handle so you can style the back of your hair with ease. It can take as little as 10 minutes to style your hair with a sedu straightener, although the entire process, from washing to spraying the hair, usually requires more time.

If you dream about creating celebrity Sedu hairstyles, such as Jennifer Anniston's, you can re-create her flawlessly straight hair even if you were born with a natural curl (although naturally curly hair will take longer to straighten).

Sedu Diva Hairstyles

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You simply need to:

  • Shampoo and condition hair. Make sure that you are generous with the conditioner, since this will ensure a straight look
  • Pat your hair dry with a towel, and comb the conditioner through your hair
  • Put a gel in your hair to hold the straight style
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer and a large, round brush. Make sure that you point the dryer downwards. If you point the dryer up, it might make your hair wavy or frizzy
  • Using your Sedu iron, take 1" wide sections of hair, and pull the straightener down through the sectons.

For special styles like Jennifer's consult your favorite pictures. She sometimes has her hair completely straight, pointing inward toward the chin, pointing outward, or pulled up in a pony with super-straight bangs in front. To make your hair go in a certain direction, wrap the front strands around your straightener either inward or outward. You may want to put your hair up in a messy ponytail and run the straightener back over the bangs.

Paris Hilton sports some of the most noteworthy celebrity sedu hairstyles, and two of the best loved Paris Hilton styles is her straight bob. This style is quite simple to create; using the sedu straightener, make the hair straight all the way around and create a light flip in front by wrapping your hair around the straightener. Paris Hilton also likes to have part of her hair up and part of it down.

Use the sedu straightener first, and then experiment, based on some of her famous photographs. If you put your hair up in a bun or pony, try making twisted tendrils by wrapping small sections of hair around your sedu straightener.

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