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Boys' Haircuts

Many doting parents spend a great deal of time deciding on haircuts for their daughters, but boys' haircuts are also important. Perhaps boys, especially little boys, don't seem to care very much about their hair, but boys' haircuts are an important issue if you want to your son to look well-kempt at a special occasion, or if you simply want to keep his tresses from falling into his eyes.

Boys' haircuts tend to be simple and no-nonsense, and many can be done at home with a pair of haircutting scissors, or in some cases, even a bowl. Many parents prefer to take their sons to salons for stylish boy haircuts, while others prefer an easy-to-cut style Mom or dad can do.

Many people wonder when to start cutting their son's hair, and which boys' haircuts are the best for very young boys. Some cultures encourage parents to let their child's hair grow until the toddler years. Up until the middle of the twentieth century, it was not uncommon to see young boys with long curly locks and dresses in aristocratic society.

Although times have certainly changed (except for those who follow certain traditions), many parents like to keep their toddler's hair long, and it is no longer considered "feminine" to have long hair. The hair can be pulled up into a ponytail and smoothed at the sides. Although sometimes these long-haired boys can be mistaken for girls, some parents prefer long hair on toddlers, since few little ones can sit still in the barber's chair.

Popular boys' haircuts include the bowl cut, the page boy haircut, the bob and the long, layered feathered cut. The bowl cut originated in the Great Depression, when parents would literally put a large bowl over a boy's head and cut the hair underneath.

You needn't use a bowl, but you can create a bowl cut simply by leaving a circle of longer hair on top and making the bottom more narrow. This is the signature haircut of "Mo" from Three Stooges fame, and was a forerunner of the famous Beatles haircut. You can create this look at home by using haircutting scissors and taking care to cut the hair very straight.

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Bobs are worn by women, but they also are great boys' haircuts, since they are cute and require little maintenance. A traditional bob is cut the same length from the bottom of the ears all around. Bangs are also good with a bob, especially for boys haircuts. Bobs just require a simple trim from time to time. If you like the page boy look, try cutting the hair at the bottom so it will curl under. However, many people find this look a bit feminine, but it is adorable for a very young boy.

Since retro is "in" boys' haircuts from the 70s do look out of place these days. Many boys haircuts from this period are longer and feathery. This look is best achieved through layering, and it is a good idea to have a stylist create this look rather than trying it at home.

This style needs to be washed and brushed regularly, so it is not the best choice for a rough boy who could care less about his appearance. However, if your son likes to look good, the long, feathered look is an excellent option.

At the other extreme, some boys' haircuts involve electric shears and may be inspired by an interest in the military. Some boys like burr cuts because it makes them feel like soldiers. It is very easy to create this style at home; all you need is an electric razor.

However, you will want to ensure that this is not merely a passing fancy, and make sure that your son really and truly wants a buzz cut, since he will have to live with it for a while. Also, the transition of growth from a buzz cut to normal hair can be difficult to deal with, so humor your son's desire for a buzz cut with care.

Older boys who want are interested in "cool" boys' haircuts might go for a spikey look. These spikes can be held in place with sculpting gel and may be frosted or bleached at the top. Some parents agree wholeheartedly that this look is great, whereas other parents simply roll their eyes and tolerate it.

By the time a boy wants this cut, he is usually old enough to go the salon himself, so you need not worry about creating the look at home.

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