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Dazzling Prom Hairstyles.

Do you want to stand out among all those other prom hairstyles? Of course you do. It's one of the biggest nights of your life, and you naturally want to look as beautiful as possible.

The coolest guy in school has asked you to be his date, and will be bringing you a corsage for your wrist, shoulder or even a flower for your hair. So it's doubly important that you have a gorgeous prom hairstyle to match your new prom dress and shoes, and to impress the hunk you'll be going with.

Haircuts are the key to creating lovely prom hairstyles. Your hair can be long, short, smooth, spiky, piecey or one-sided. You may want to color your hair to create a certain image. For example, a single process can make your hair an extra light golden color, which tells the world you are angelic. Or you may want a two-tone look to proclaim to all your friends that you are a funky chick who likes to have fun. If you want to create a look of dark mystery with your prom hairstyle, go with black or dark blue-black.

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Long hair can be styled into a stunning prom hairstyle that will frame your face with long tendrils. A short prom hairstyle lends itself to a sleek, stylish and sophisticated look that your friends will envy for its simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Prom hairstyles matter. After all, this is an important night in your life and your goal is to see and be seen, to have fun and above all, to knock 'em dead with your fashionable prom hairstyle.

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